Go Kart Depreciation: Everything you could possibly want to know

We spent hours researching and analyzing over 70 ads for used go-karts in a lot of different areas and countries. This article sums up the conclusion of our research.

This might not be a perfect list but I hope it will help you decide if you are making a good financial decision by buying the go-kart you are aiming for. Or just see if the seller is overpricing it.

The table presents the percentages. It means for example that if you buy a go-kart for $10.000 and the depreciation if 30% the residual value will be $7.000.

First Here Are Some Conclusions

Point #1: Buying a new Go-Karts never makes financial sense.

No matter the new go-kart you want to buy, no matter where you want to buy it, no matter your racing category or class you will lose 22% of its value when you buy it. That is the average number our analysis shows. There might be exceptions to it but generally speaking you lose money whenever you buy a new go-kart.

Now, not everything as to be for a financial reason. Go-kart is a passion and if you or your kid are into it, it might be worth losing the money. Not every decision as to be money-driven.

Poin #2: The best value for money in terms of depreciation is otbained for 5 years old go-karts.

After 5 years, the depreciation of the go-karts diminishes dramatically. If you want to obtain the best kart possible at a low cost go for 5 years old go-karts.

I don’t recommend going for go-karts that have seen little use as this can create problems. With this type of machines, if they are not often used, some hoses will need changing, the engine will need to be checked and engine oil will also need to be changed.

Always bear in mind that a go-kart, like a car, is designed to be used regularly. The parts are designed to have a certain shelf life if they are regularly used. If not they need to be changed after a certain time of inactivity. For example, hoses need to be used so that the liquid that runs through them keep them at the right temperature, if not used they might contract.

Point #3: Depreciation is linked to the year and usage of the go-kart.

Obviously, the older a go-kart the cheaper. But there are some exceptions to that. Some old go-karts that are regularly used but not too much and refurbished can have a higher price than what they are supposed to if you apply the depreciation table below.

Point #4: There are no big differences in depreciation between and Enduro, Oval or Sprint kart. The same goes for go-karts classes and sizes.

Whether you race in Enduro, Sprint or Oval the table below will apply regardless. The same goes for go-kart classes and sizes (cadet, junior, etc).

The Depreciation Table for Go-Karts

The table just below goes from one-year-old go-karts to 10 years old go-karts. These numbers were determined by analyzing more than 70 go-karts ads and comparing them to the retail price of the same go-karts.

For 10 years old and older go-karts, the depreciation remains at 80% of their value. They don’t lose more value as after 80% of depreciation as they cost in general around $700/$1000. They keep their value as long as they work.

Go Kart Age Depreciation
1 year old 22%
2 years old 31%
3 years old 40%
4 years old 46%
5 years old 55%
6 years old 62%
7 years old 66%
8 years old 71%
9 years old 75%
10 years old 80%

Buy At The Right Price and Anticipate the Resell Value

The table above will help you estimate the reselling value of the go-kart you are hoping to buy or analyze the seller’s asking price by comparing it to the go-kart’s retail price and to the table above. By doing just that you can buy your go-kart at the right price and not get overcharged for it.

Should You Buy a Brand New Go-kart or an Already Used One?

There are several factors at play here.

First, what is your goal? Do you want to go to compete? Or do you want to do some laps on your local track just to have some fun?

Second, what is your budget?

If you are interested in karting only for fun or if you have a tight budget definitely go for a second-hand go-kart. If you want to compete, you can also find very fast go-karts with good quality if you buy an already used go-kart.

Even if you have the means, it is not really a good idea to go buy a new go-kart. Chances are you are buying it for your kid that will start doing some racing. As we all know kid grow up and they often grow out of the chassis. In fact, many go-karts that you find on the market are the go-karts used by kids who grew past their chassis.

If you are a parent and are buying your kid a go-kart look in the table for the depreciation value after 2 years of use. In general, kids tend to outgrow their chassis in 2 years.

For engines, it might a bit different. You can buy a new engine that will last longer but you can also find very good engines in the secondhand market.

Buying a new go-kart to sell it 2 years later is not that smart. You should go for an already used go-kart.

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