Ranking the 10 Worst Ferrari F1 Cars Of All Time

To come up with the ranking we looked at the results obtained by the Ferrari F1 team throughout history. We selected and ranked the Ferrari cars that obtained the worst results in the F1 World Constructor’s Championship. So let’s start.

10 – Ferrari F60

The F60 was the car used by Ferrari during the 2009 season. The F60 is the first Ferrari car equipped with the KERS system which takes back the kinetic energy of the brakes and allows the driver to use it as a boost. Despite its cute looks, it didn’t do the trick for the Ferrari team due to repeated failures and lack of performance. The car also suffered from new regulations imposing a wider front wing, and a narrower and higher rear wing. This car was not on the same galaxy as the Brawn GP. Ferrari only obtained 6 podiums that year and finished 4th overall.

9 – Ferrari F14 T

First Ferrari of the hybrid era, this car was used during the 2014 season. The engine change did not go well for Ferrari as this car had major traction issues and a relatively week hybrid V6 engine. During the 2014 season, Ferrari only obtained 2 podiums. This was the worst Ferrari performance in a season since 1993 and the infamous F93A.

8 – Ferrari F1-87

As its name shows, this was the car used during the 1987 season. As always with Ferrari, the car is a beauty but had some serious issues. The F1-87 suffered from a weak engine and turbocharger. The car did not allow its drivers to finish a race for nearly 2 months. Ferrari had 6 podiums that year and finished 4th overall, Ferrari drivers not finishing the race 19 times during the season.

7 – Ferrari F1-86

The main problem with this car was that it was too wide compared to its rivals in 1986. Despite having a powerful 850 hp Ferrari Tipo 032 engine, the dimensions of the car made it difficult to drive. In 1986, Ferrari never had a pole or the fastest lap during a race. They finished 4th overall with a whopping 17 failures during races.

6 – Ferrari 312 B2

Yes, 50 years ago this is how an F1 car looked like. Drove by Clay Regazzoni in 1971, the 312 B2 was powered by a powerful Ferrari Flat 12 engine but lacked grip making it difficult to drive. The V12 engine had also lubrication issues forcing drivers to stop the race several times. Design to be an improvement compared to its predecessor, the 312 B, the 312 B2 was actually worse. Drivers were also complaining about strong vibrations sensed in the cockpit. Ferrari only had 6 podiums that year with no wins and finished with a mere 33 points at the 4th place overall.

5 – Ferrari F93 A

Not bad looking at all, this car was awfully unreliable. Changing from their all-red design, Ferrari gave then sponsor Marlboro’s colour to their cars. Problems were mainly the suspensions and the engine’s fuel consumption which was higher than expected forcing Ferrari to embark more fuel than their rivals. Over the course of the 16 races of the 1993 season, both Ferrari drivers did not finish their races 16 times. This is a 50% abandonment rate. Pretty impressive. Ferrari finished 4th overall that year with only 3 podiums and a mere 28 points.

4 – Ferrari F92 A

Without a doubt worst that the F1 car made by Ferrari in 1993, the F92A used during the 1992 season was a disaster. The car was rigged with technical problems. A revolutionary “double flat bottom” chassis made driving the car very difficult, and the V12 engine powering the car suffered excessive blow-by. According to Ivan Capelli, Ferrari driver at the time, it was the worst F1 he ever raced with. The car was so bad that a redesign was made after 11 races: the F92 AT. Over the course of 16 races during, Ferrari drivers failed to finish a race 20 times (or 66% of the races they were involved in). Ferrari only scored 2 podiums and finished with 21 points.

3 – Ferrari 126 CK

Reminding us all of Louis CK, this car was driven by Gilles Villeneuve during the 1981 season. It was the first Ferrari F1 car powered by a turbocharged engine with the turbocharger being activated with exhaust gas. Despite its powerful engine, the chassis made the car too difficult to drive. Villeneuve worked miracles to win 2 races but it wasn’t enough to save Ferrari’s season. Technical issues coupled with chronic failures gave Ferrari the 5th spot overall that year, which according to Ferrari standards is very low.

2 – Ferrari F312 B3-73

Meet the infamous Ferrari 312 B3 model 1973. Before its redesign in 1974, the 312 B3 was one of the worst Ferrari F1 cars ever made. The car was the first Ferrari F1 car to have a monohull. Promising during testing, the car quickly showed poor performances. This was due to a heavy and outdated chassis. During the 1973 season, Ferrari scored 12 points, 3 points only coming from the 312 B3 73. The best result was a 5th place obtained at the French Grand Prix. Ferrari finished 6th overall.

1 – Ferrari 312 T5

Meet the worst Ferrari F1 car ever made. The car was used during the 1980 season which is the worst single-season ever by Ferrari. Ferrari finished 10th that year, almost last in the Constructor’s Championship. The car was not reliable (10 failures on 14 races) and was very slow. So slow in fact, that the best performance put up by Ferrari was a 5th place. They had no podiums, no wins, and no poles that year.

The car was actually very difficult to drive and a poor grip on the track. Mauro Forghieri who was in charge of the design of the car was demoted after the 1980 season. Harvey Postlethwaite then took charge and launched the 126 C2 in order to try to get things going again for Ferrari.


Let’s sum it up

Rank Model Season Ferrari’s rank by season
10 F 60 2009 4th
9 F 14 T 2014 4th
8 F1 87 1987 4th
7 F1 86 1986 4th
6 F 312 B2 1971 3th
5 F 93 A 1993 4th
4 F 92 A 1992 4th
3 F 126 CK 1981 5th
2 F 312 B3-73 1973 6th
1 F 312 T5 1980 10th

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